Security Operation access control and license monitoring model

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Date & Time:
Thur, May 9, 2:30 pm to 3:10 pm
Proactive service health through AIOps
John Zhang, Business Process Arch Manager, Accenture
Mark Dooley, Senior Manager, Accenture

As organizations continue their ServiceNow journey by unleashing powerful new applications to support their business, more sensitive HR, financial, or procurement data is being stored on ServiceNow instances. While good role management and ACLs are key to protecting this sensitive information, user activity monitoring is an important line of defense against data breaches, unauthorized role provisioning, and/or improper impersonation activities. The best user activity monitoring tools include real-time alerting systems that monitor user activity in the background in real-time and notify IT and security teams the moment suspicious activity occurs.

In this session, learn how Accenture developed security access controls (SAC) processes to eliminate any SABs (security access breaches) and set SAC to monitor any unauthorized security access (SA). Any SA will be altered in real time via a security control dashboard. Event management will be used to generate the security alert and create SAB incident. And the security monitoring model can monitor the impacted tables and identify who breached our security in real time.

Leader, Process Owner, Process User, Admin, Enterprise Architect, Technical Architect
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Knowledge Breakout
IT Operations Management, Customer Service Management, Governance, Risk and Compliance
Business and Consumer Services
Managing health of services
Automated Remediation, DevOps, Event Management, Impact Analysis, Operational Intelligence