What everyone ought to know about the Software Asset Management Pro and ServiceNow

Date & Time:
Thur, May 9, 11:30 am to 12:10 pm
Proactive service health through AIOps
Andy Knight, Software Asset Management, Associate Director, Celgene
Ruchi Ruparelia, Cloud Advisory, Sr. Manager, Accenture

Defining from process to tool implementation, Software Asset Management (SAM) does not happen overnight. It's a journey that must continue to achieve solid foundation and compliance. With so many SAM tools available in the market, Celgene’s selected to use ServiceNow for automating and maturing SAM program. Starting from Helsinki to going to SAM Pro in Kingston, it's a roller coaster ride to make it happen successfully. In this session, you'll learn how Accenture helped Celgene with the development of a Software Asset Management (SAM) program inclusive of governance, process development, and implementation. They'll discuss migrating from old SAM to SAM Pro, and focus using out-of-the-box functionality in addition to Oracle and Microsoft Publisher packs. You'll also know the role Software Discovery to achieve the end state and customization required for various license counter types using ServiceNow. It's a journey that must continue.

Leader, Process Owner, Process User
Session Type:
Knowledge Breakout
Software Asset Management, IT Operations Management, IT Service Management, Now Platform, Performance Analytics
Healthcare and Life Sciences
Optimizing software spend
Discovery, Performance Analytics, Software Asset Management